Viral Prize Draws

Build Your Email List To Build Your Business

Viral marketing

Having an email list of customers & potential customers is priceless for any business and one sure fire way to grow your email list with customers who are interested in your products & services is by running a viral prize draw!

By offering customers the chance to win a free meal / haircut / hamper / toy or whatever your business specialises in, you get their email address….

They can then share the draw with their friends on Facebook / followers on Twitter or any other social media channel you choose!

Their friends enter, their friends share the competition with their friends and your email list grows and grows.

The best part, all the people who enter are interested in your business, you get their email address and together we can send them regular emails with offers, promotions, interesting news about your business or your products or services, whatever they may be!


This video gives you a great overview of how this system can work for you.

It is aimed at the restaurant trade, but I’m sure you’ll agree it can also be a great way for you to promote your business and in turn get lots of great email subscribers that you can market your products and services to.

So the big question, what does it cost?

Initial set up of your first campaign is £75.

Then choose from one of the following packages:

Once you’re signed up, I’ll contact you via email and we can start the process to build your first prize draw and get those invaluable email addresses.